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With a subsidy of up to $6,000 on the cost of a battery and low interest finance available if needed, there has never been a better time to invest in solar and a battery for your home.


South Australia’s Home Battery Scheme means lower electricity costs for the 40,000 households who purchase a system. In addition, the installation of these systems will reduce demand on the network (especially during peak periods) and in turn, lower energy prices for all South Australians.

Is a battery/solar right for me?

If you already have solar or are thinking about making the switch, adding a battery system could help you get the most out of your solar system. Different systems suit different needs so it’s important to talk to a qualified System Provider when doing your research.

How much will I save?

How much you could save on your energy bills depends on a number of factors including the output of your solar system and capacity of the battery, as well as the amount of energy your household uses and what time of day you use energy the most. A qualified System Provider can help you calculate your potential savings as part of their analysis. 

Can I afford it?

It’s important for all households to consider whether the expected savings on their energy bills over the life of the battery cover the cost of its purchase. As with any financial investment in your home, do your research and obtain multiple quotes before making a decision. Use the RateSetter Home Battery Scheme calculator to calculate your loan repayments. If necessary talk to a financial advisor.

“I did the cost analysis. It was going to take six years to get our money back, and with that in mind I thought it was the way to go. It’s about getting our electricity bills down.” ~ John

What size battery is right for me?

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This simple self-assessment tool is designed to give you an idea what size battery system your home could benefit from most. Use this tool as a starting point in talking to a qualified system provider about what size system is right for you. If you don’t already have a solar system, we suggest you start by selecting a 5kW system and then talk to a qualified System Provider about your average energy use to determine what size system is right for you.


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Based on the details you entered, we suggest you talk to a system provider about the following size battery:

  • Small


    Household storage: < 5kWh
    Subsidy: up to $3,000
    $500/kWh for non-concession
    $600/kWh for concession.
    Price: from $4,400

  • Medium


    Household storage: 5.6 to 9.5kWh
    Subsidy: up to $5,700
    $500/kWh for non-concession
    $600/kWh for concession
    Price: from $5,600

  • Large


    Household storage: > 9.5 kwH
    Subsidy: up to $6,000
    $500/kWh for non-concession
    $600/kWh for concession
    Price: from $9,000

Pricing information is based on actual systems quoted to date, includes GST, standard installation costs and is pre-subsidy. Pricing will vary depending on the system provider and complexity of the installation.