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Is a battery/solar right for me?

Battery storage is an exciting new technology, but there are a few things to consider before making an investment in a battery for your home.
As a guide, you’ll need to consider:

  • Your electricity usage. How much energy you use each day, when you use energy the most, and what appliances you want to run from your battery.
  • The cost of the battery system (including installation and maintenance costs) you are looking to purchase, and how long will it take to recoup those costs from your expected energy savings.
  • If you already have a solar system, how much excess solar energy you have available to store in your battery.
  • If you value having power in a blackout, finding out which battery systems provide blackout power and what they can typically power during a blackout.
  • How adding a battery may affect any feed-in tariff you currently receive.

Different systems suit different needs so it’s important to talk to a qualified System Provider when doing your research.

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How much will I save?

How much you could save on your energy bills depends on a number of factors including the output of your solar system and capacity of the battery, as well as the amount of energy your household uses and what time of day you use energy the most.

It is important for all households to consider whether the expected energy savings over the life of the battery will cover the cost of purchase.

Households should seek advice from a number of qualified System Providers when obtaining quotes for a home battery system.

In the meantime, if you are concerned about your energy bills, you can find helpful advice and information about energy use in your home and how you may be able to better manage it at www.sa.gov.au/energy

Alternatively, you can call the Energy Advisory Service on 8204 1888 or 1800 671 907 (free call), Monday to Friday during business hours, or you can email them at energyadvice@sa.gov.au

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Can I afford it?

The cost of a home battery system varies depending on the size of the battery, and whether you need to purchase new or additional solar panels. As a guide, download the HBS System Price Guide.

Subject to credit approval, low interest loans are available to assist participating households pay for the balance of the battery and new solar panels if required. When applying for the subsidy, a loan application can be made through Plenti (formerly RateSetter) - the administrator of the Home Battery Scheme subsidy and $100 million in finance provided by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

Use the Plenti (formerly RateSetter) Home Battery Scheme calculator to calculate your loan repayments.

“I’m 65 this year, so by the time I’m close to 70, I want my bills to be covered. Seeing the first bill in black and white was important to me. When I saw there was a two cent credit, I thought ‘I’m not going to spend any money this quarter’.” ~ Ray

Home Battery Scheme Calculator

Get free independent advice on getting a home battery system.

This simple calculator - built by Renew for the Home Battery Scheme - is designed to give you an idea of what size battery system could be right for you; how much you could expect to pay, your likely bill savings and the time it could take to pay off your system.


Special offers including discounted battery prices and Virtual Power Plant program offers could also significantly improve the return on your investment. These are not included in the calculator results but you can find out more on the Join a VPP page.


Use this tool as a starting point in talking to a qualified System Provider.